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Emily Blincoe: Color-coded photography

We’ve already featured talented Austin-based photographer Emily Blincoe a couple of times on iGNANT. Her output is amazingly creative and never fails to make us smile. Emily is probably best known for her color-coded arrangements.

For her latest works she collected color permutation of tomatoes, oranges, eggs, ice cream and leaves and sorted them into groups and gradients for each image

Love this idea , so simple & so beautiful

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christmas eve what about christmas adam

happy christmas adam to all men’s rights activists

Please stop pestering us with things like this. This has nothing to do with men fighting for their rights. Eve is short for ‘evening’. Please don’t turn activism into a joke. Thanks.

Someone isn’t having a good christmas adam

Christmas Adam: December 23rd. Comes before Christmas Eve and is generally unsatisfying.

thiiiiiiiis is awesome.

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